Hi there! Am a new mommy to a 10 month old baby girl (not so new, eh?) . Was a high school teacher before baby V arrived; now on a sabbatical doing mommying things. Also a bibliophile (will read anything), now, raising a reader at home.
I am a breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering and co-sleeping kind of mom . If you have stumbled here from my microblog, you already know about the montessori activities and children’s book reviews I do regularly.
Motherhood changes women in a weird way, and this blog is about my journey. An honest-to-God parenting journey with the highs and lows, the humor in everyday moments and last but not the least, teachable moments (for me as well as Baby V) in the everyday space.
Id love to hear inputs from you too. Drop in a message for collaborations, reviews, suggestions or just if you want to say a Hi!